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Celebrating our Veterans- Elison Assisted Living of Oxford


We are so thankful for the men and women who have served our country and defended our freedom!

In the leadup to Veterans Day, we asked veterans across Sagora communities to share their experiences with us, including the lessons they learned and their favorite memories from their time in the US Armed Forces. We’re so thankful for those who shared their experiences with us. Here are the stories from veterans at Elison Assisted Living of Oxford in Oxford, Mississippi.

Daniel M. served in the National Guard from 1957-1958.

Jeff N. served in the Army from 1969-1971, where he worked in administration. He says he learned how to be flexible and met a lot of good people during his service.

Edward J. served in the Navy during World War II, from 1945-1946. He served as the personal driver for a Captain. While in the Navy, he was stationed in Key West, where Harry Truman frequently visited on vacation.

Marqauine M. served in the Navy in the late 1950s as an equipment manager for a Navy band. He says his time in the service gave him confidence and he learned organizational skills.

Charles F. served in the Army as a Combat Engineer from 1949-1956, seeing combat during the Korean War. “It was bad,” he says. “It made me thank God that I was alive.” In 1950, fellow Mississippian Jimmy Rowlan was declared missing during a battle in which Charles was also involved. Rowland’s remains were later identified and he was laid to rest in his home state in January 2022. Charles spoke at his funeral.

Henry R. served in the Air Force from 1969-1973, working as a weather forecaster. He contributed to the success of US pilots during operations in Vietnam before becoming a weather meteorologist for 37 years.

Robert W. served in the Army from 1943-1946, during World War II.  He says he matured quickly during his time in the service. “I took full responsibility for my fate and my family around me,” he says. His favorite memory was seeing the Statue of Liberty upon his return to the United States.

Shep S. served in the Marines from 1946-1948, where he achieved the rank of Corporal.

Robert B. served in the Army from 1952-1955, where he was stationed in Asia. In Japan, he was part of the effort to rebuild the country following World War II. He learned how to speak Japanese while in the country.

James J. served as an Infantryman in the Korean War, specializing in communications. He is very thankful for the GI Bill, which he used to pursue further education following his service.

Charle W. served in the Army from 1950-1956, achieving the rank of Second Lieutenant. He enjoyed getting to know people from different countries.

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