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Celebrating our Veterans- Landon Ridge Sugar Land Assisted Living & Memory Care


We are so thankful for the men and women who have served our country and defended our freedom!

In the leadup to Veterans Day, we asked veterans across Sagora communities to share their experiences with us, including the lessons they learned and their favorite memories from their time in the US Armed Forces. We’re so thankful for those who shared their experiences with us. Here are the stories from veterans at Landon Ridge Sugar Land Assisted Living & Memory Care in Sugar Land, Texas.

Margaret H. served in the Marines from 1980-1986, where she worked in an administrative role. Her service took her to Japan, where she got married in an American embassy in Fukuoka. “I learned to be honest, punctual, strong-willed and independent,” she says.

James R. served in the Marines from 1957-1978, achieving the rank of Sergeant. He says he enjoyed social events like the Military Ball and the comradery that he had with his fellow Marines. “We learned to stick together,” he says.

Jerry A. served in the Air Force from 1949-1953, working as a general’s personal driver and the editor of a base newspaper. His favorite memories are traveling to various Air Force bases as the captain of an Armed Forces baseball team.

Donald Y. served in the Army from 1961-1963, working as a Medic. “The service taught me how to stay alive,” he says. He enjoyed traveling to different bases and learning how to be disciplined.

Harold L. served in the Navy from 1971-1994, working in structure repair. His time in the Navy taught him discipline and he was recognized for his service several times.

Roger H. served in the Navy from 1972-1975, servicing jet aircraft. His brother was also in the military, though he sadly was lost in Vietnam. Roger’s service took him across Asia and set the foundation for a successful career at ExxonMobil.

Joseph C. was in the Air Force from 1955-1981. “It taught me how to be calm and relax,” he says. “Do what you’re supposed to do and stay out of trouble.” He enjoyed the time he spent overseas, where he got to visit Germany and Spain.

Vito S. served in the Navy from 1950-1955, where he made maps and signs while working in the engineering field. He visited enjoyed visiting the island of Guam, home to several military bases. “Always do what you are told to do,” he says. “If you do the job that you are assigned to do, then you won’t get in trouble.”

Joseph P. served in the Air Force from 1954-1958, working as an Aircraft Mechanic. He learned discipline and a strong work ethic in the Air Force, and was proud to be part of a unique group. Following his service, he became a Police Chief.


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