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Celebrating our Veterans- Landon Ridge Sugar Land Independent Living

We are so thankful for the men and women who have served our country and defended our freedom!

In the leadup to Veterans Day, we asked veterans across Sagora communities to share their experiences with us, including the lessons they learned and their favorite memories from their time in the US Armed Forces. We’re so thankful for those who shared their experiences with us. Here are the stories from veterans at Landon Ridge Sugar Land Independent Living in Sugar Land, Texas.

Walter H. served in the Navy during World War II, serving from 1940-1945 as a submarine radio operator. He was able to travel, visiting Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii during the course of his time in the Navy. After his discharge, he used the GI Bill to go to college.

RD J. served in the Air Force from 1955-1984, working in research and development. He spent nine months overseas, but most of his service came in the US. He learned to be open-minded during his time in the Air Force. “Don’t look back,” he says. “It’s gaining on you!”

Charles B. was a Colonel in the Army, serving from 1960-1990. As an officer, he was promoted several times thanks to the lessons he learned about leadership. “Have confidence in your abilities,” he says. “Organize, execute and work with your people.” He credits his wife Doris and his three children for supporting him during his time in the military. “Without your family’s support a service career would be impossible,” he says.

James D. was an infantry platoon leader in the Army, serving from 1951-1953. During his time in the Army, he learned to develop leadership skills and had the opportunity to travel through much of Europe. Part of his duty was defending Germany from a potential Soviet invasion during the Cold War.

Ken C. served in the Army from 1953-1955. He worked in a heavy mortar company and as a mail clerk.

Gary H. served in the Navy for 26 years, working as an Air Traffic Controller. He was stationed at various bases, including one in Kodiak, Alaska, where he enjoyed fishing for salmon and eating Alaskan crab.

Robert R. served in the Army from 1955-1963 as an instructor in the Signal Corps. He learned how to be patient and enjoyed working with the men he served alongside.

Clarence M. was a Sergeant in the Marine Corps, serving from 1966-1968. He took the lessons he learned in the military and turned them into a successful career in the business world.

Bob R. served as a navigator aboard US Air Force aircraft from 1962-1983. During Vietnam, he was on a B-52 bomber crew, later working on C124 aircraft during his time in the Air Force reserves. While in Vietnam, he became close with his crew, as they had to live together for six months. Still, he missed his family in the United States. He was able to communicate with them through the phone. “It was so much fun to hear my 2-year-old daughter say ‘over’ to allow the radio operator to move the conversation back and forth!”

Norman S. served in the US Army’s 8th Infantry Division in the late 1950s.

Ben S. Jr. served in the Army Chemical Corps during the Korean War, working as a forward observer and platoon leader. He saw combat in Korea and his service left a profound impact on him. “[ I am proud] of serving this nation and answering the call of duty with a commitment to preserve our freedom,” he says.

Dr. Edward T. served as a dentist in the Army from 1960-1993. He served in France, Germany and Vietnam. “Seeing how the world lives made me thankful to live in the USA,” he says. He later taught at the University of Texas Dental School for 15 years.

Duncan R. served in the Navy from 1958-1964 as a hospital corpsman with a specialty in ear, eye, nose and throat surgery. He was the scrub nurse on the first Navy corneal transplant and organized exams for Vietnam POWs. “I learned early lessons in people skills and management,” he says. “It served me well in a 27-year pharmaceutical career.”

James “Jim” M. served in the Army from 1967-1969 during the Vietnam War. He spent several years in Asia, including a year in Vietnam. Following his discharge, he earned his master’s degree and made friends with other veterans in his program.

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