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Discussing Assisted Living with your Loved One


Across the United States, more than 800,000 Americans live in Assisted Living communities. Within these communities, residents receive assistance as they go about their daily tasks, with long-term care that fits their needs while aiding their independence. At Sagora Senior Living, these communities are social and vibrant, with lifestyle activities that supplement expert, compassionate care, making for a high standard of living.

Still, speaking with your loved one about Assisted Living can be challenging, especially if one is unprepared. Many seniors feel as if they will give up their independence if they move to an Assisted Living community. While this couldn’t be further from the truth, it makes it a delicate topic.

You love your loved one, you care for them, and you want what’s best for them. Therefore, it is best to be prepared and have these conversations in advance so that all parties agree and are ready to spring into action if the circumstances call for it.

We have previously covered when it is time for Assisted Living. Now, we’ll be covering ways in which you can effectively speak to your loved one about Assisted Living.

Prepare in Advance

Given the complexities surrounding conversations about Assisted Living, it is important to come prepared, knowing what you are planning to say and how you will say it. Furthermore, you should have information such as nearby Assisted Living communities and what they have to offer. If your loved one has specific needs or conditions, you should detail how the community can support them and make life easier.

Sometimes, loved ones may push back at the idea of Assisted Living. It is important to anticipate these objections and craft well-reasoned responses that are full of beneficial information, such as the benefits of living in a social setting and the amenities that the community has to offer. Understanding the financial side of Assisted Living is a must and may help you narrow down options and further prepare.

By providing assistance with daily tasks, many communities can enhance a senior’s independence by taking care of their needs and giving them ample opportunities to make new friends and connections.


Speak in a warm tone and be a listener

Positivity is key when discussing Assisted Living. Assisted Living can tremendously enhance your loved one’s quality of life and provide them with the compassionate, expert care that they deserve. When discussing it, take on a tone that can best convey these positive results. This tone needs to be conversational, not adversarial and does not lend itself to arguing.

Remember, a discussion involves two or more people. It is not a monologue nor is it a lecture. Therefore, it is necessary to listen to your loved one, to let them speak and air their objections and concerns. In turn, you will need to let your loved one know that you understand their objections, that you are listening to them and care about their situation. When it comes to discussing their objections, speak in a soft, understanding tone, providing analysis and factual data that will help them better understand how Assisted Living can improve their current situation.

At the end of the day, this conversation should be centered around love. Make sure your loved one knows that you care about them and want what’s best for them. Your tone is the best way to convey that.


Keep your loved one involved in the discussion

Everyone wants to have some share of control in a situation, especially when it is affecting their immediate future. Therefore, involving your loved one in conversations about Assisted Living and seeking their input gives them a sense of control, improving the nature of the conversation.

When it comes to choosing the right community for your loved one, their preferences should be strongly considered. If able, they should accompany you on tours to see the living options, the social scene and the environment that surrounds the community.

Seeing these communities in person may help overcome some of the objections that they have, thus making follow-up decisions easier.

Assisted Living communities can strongly enhance independence and quality of life for seniors. After all, there is a reason that more than 800,000 Americans call these communities home. When it comes to discussions about Assisted Living, make sure that you relay the positive benefits. Most importantly, make sure that you relay that you care and are doing this to make sure your loved one has the best possible future.

With more than 40 Senior Living communities in nine states offering Assisted Living & Memory Care programs, Sagora Senior Living is a trusted name in Assisted Living. At Sagora communities, caring team members craft individualized, adaptive care plans that are specific to residents’ needs. Sagora communities offer dozens of lifestyle events each day, making for a warm, social environment in which residents thrive.

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