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From the Experts, Living a Thriving Lifestyle


From the Experts, Living a Thriving Lifestyle
Tiffany Dove, Executive Director, Adante Senior Living

I started my journey with Sagora Senior Living in 2013 – I spent five years as the Lifestyle Director for Adante Senior Living and have spent the past year and a half as the Executive Director for the community. When I arrived here, I wanted to hit the ground running and provide a new and exciting lifestyle for our residents – something that you wouldn’t typically see in senior living communities. Prior to this role, I worked overseas with the military to boost troop morale, welfare and recreations. I thought if I could handle the deserts of Iraq, coming to San Antonio would be a breeze.

As I transitioned into the Executive Director role, I knew I wanted to be very present for the associates and residents. I knew our events would be much more engaging if I was leading the pack, dressing up and right in the middle of the action. Inspired by the book Fish, my goal was to bring energy, passion and a positive attitude to Adante every day.

I also never wanted to gear anything specific to senior ages when planning events. Why limit our residents that way? Our residents enjoy an exciting array of activities including indoor sky diving, casino nights, toga parties and visiting wineries in Fredericksburg or the missions in San Antonio – you name it and our residents have either done it or will in the future.

Our residents have also been empowered to lead their own events. They lead several classes and activities including Mahjong, billiards, poker games, tai chi and continuing education. They invite their friends and neighbors and feel a great sense of accomplishment and community. Our residents don’t just live at Adante, they thrive.
The key to living a thriving lifestyle is to set the bar high, continue to reach higher and never settle. It’s so common to get stuck in a routine but we avoid that complacency with finding the new, innovative activities and changing with the times. Learn new cooking techniques, try new wines, continue education. My mantra for residents is, “old enough to know better, young enough to do it anyway.”

Sagora has empowered me to create the culture here where the sky is the limit and I’m so proud to have a team of dedicated associates. We live by a Resident First philosophy, but our associates are a very close second. If they’re engaged, they will always be serving our residents to the best of their abilities. Many of them participate in fitness classes or play chess with the residents. Check out our photos below. We love #LivingTheAdanteLifestyle!


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