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How One Resident Uses Her Talents to Bless Those Around Her

In times of collective adversity, it’s not uncommon to see individuals step up and volunteer their time and talents to those in need. Meet Audrey, one of our residents at The Brennity at Fairhope in Fairhope, Alabama. COVID-19 hasn’t stopped her from having the compassion to give. She recently crocheted over 100 afghan throws to donate to Waterfront Rescue Missions Homeless Shelter for the upcoming winter season.

Audrey has been crocheting since she was a teenager and learned from her mother. Being raised in a generation that was taught not to waste makes her work even more impressive, as much of it is created from different pieces of donated yarn. During her 66 years of marriage, she made excellent use of her skills. Her home was decorated in some of her work, creating a warm, welcoming and unique environment. Each of her children and grandchildren received a special blanket of their very own, along with many friends and other family members.

Since she has been a resident at The Brennity at Fairhope, Audrey continues to bless all who know her and even those who don’t. She has made many blankets for other residents, their family members, our associates and their family members and for any baby she knows of being born. In fact, just recently she was working on one for her beautician’s granddaughter.

Audrey crochets daily and says that it gives her a sense of peace and serenity. As once written by Anne Frank, “no one has ever become poor by giving.” This is a principle that Audrey displays in such a beautiful, selfless way. We are so blessed to have her as part of our Sagora Senior Living family.

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