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I am Sagora- Judy A.


As the Lifestyles Director at Elison Independent Living of Orchard Glen in Orchard Park, New York, Judy A. is tasked with creating lively events that bring the community together, while providing residents with a chance to have fun in the process. It’s a role that she takes very seriously. She knows that she’s not just organizing and planning lifestyle activities, she is enhancing the lives of the community’s residents and driving positive change in the process.

“We are here to enrich the lives of the beautiful souls that we have the privilege of knowing and loving,” Judy said. “It’s more than just a job. It’s connecting with them on multiple levels, making sure that they are safe, comfortable and happy.”

Love is a big reason why Judy enjoys what she does at Elison of Orchard Glen. It was what brought her to the Senior Living industry in the first place. A natural people person, she wanted to meet new people and contribute to their happiness.

“I knew that I had love to give and that I could make a real difference in peoples’ lives,” Judy said.

That love is what leads her to create a lifestyle activity schedule full of social, enriching events. Judy says her favorite events involve live music. The community has a weekly happy hour that frequently hosts live performances and when it does, Judy says more than half of the community attends.

“Some residents even have family members that come to enjoy the festivities with them,” Judy said. “It’s such a gift for both residents and family members to get to spend precious time together in a fun setting that they otherwise may not get the opportunity to enjoy.”

These events bring happiness to the community as residents form new friendships and catch up with their neighbors. For Judy, seeing residents smile, clap, dance and sing reinforce the reasons that she got into Senior Living in the first place.

“When I see the joy it brings people, I literally tear up,” she said.

At Elison of Orchard Glen, the residents have taken notice of Judy’s passion for them, and her love for each resident. They returned that love with a surprise gift, a glass container full of thank-you notes and messages about how much they appreciate her and how happy they are to live at the community. It touched Judy’s heart deeply.

“I’ve been so fortunate to have known and loved hundreds of people that I otherwise would not have had the pleasure to meet,” Judy said. “People have left their forever marks on my heart, and I will never forget them. I will remain grateful for the rest of my life.”


We are so thankful for Judy’s work each day in bettering the lives of residents. Because of her, residents at Elison Independent Living of Orchard Glen thrive, and the community does a great job of bettering the lives of those that it serves.


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