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I Am Sagora- Keli C.


It started at a Denny’s.

Keli, then working in insurance, was sitting in the restaurant with her laptop open. She was focused as she prepared for an upcoming meeting, nibbling on her lunch as she worked to memorize information. She had tunnel vision – the only thing she saw was her screen.

A clap of thunder broke her focus and she looked out the window. She was surprised that it was pouring, she remembered. She was so concentrated that she hadn’t noticed the thunderstorm move in.

What she saw next would alter her career path, helping her discover a new passion and a new sense of purpose – ultimately leading Keli to her current role as Executive Director Specialist at Sagora Senior Living.

“I looked out the window and saw this beautiful older woman trying to make it across the street,” Keli said. “Pushing her grocery cart with her umbrella blown backwards, just trying to get across the road. I got up and left my computer, my purse, my lunch and ran outside to help this beautiful woman.”

The experience made a tremendous impact on Keli. Her heart pulled and she felt called to service. She wanted to help more people like that beautiful woman in the rain. She wanted to guide them, to help them navigate their retirement.

“I knew this is what I needed to be doing,” Keli said.

So, she left insurance, a career that she says she loved during her 21 years in the field, and started to look for jobs in senior living. Two years ago, she was hired by Sagora Senior Living as an Executive Director Specialist.

As an Executive Director Specialist, Keli is called to action whenever one of Sagora Senior Living’s communities needs help at the executive level. Sometimes, she has to drop everything and serve as a community’s Executive Director until a new full-time replacement is found. Along the way, she has formed relationships with many residents across many communities.

“I’ve had so much fun at each community and each one brings it own special flavor,” Keli said.

Her background in insurance taught her the basics behind service – how to put others first and fulfill their needs. When she found a company that held the same views as her, held that same commitment to service, it was an easy adjustment.

Sagora Senior Living’s basic principle is Resident First. Keli has personified those words as she strives to make an impact on the lives of everyone she comes in contact with. As she travels from community to community, Resident First is at the front of her mind.

“What Resident First means to me is that wherever I go, I’m going into their home,” Keli said. “Residents have come to a place where it is their turn to be spoiled, loved and cared for with purpose and excellence. What each resident wants, needs desires and expects – I will do my very best to make that happen so they are happy and feel loved.”

We are so thankful to Keli at Sagora Senior Living. Her dedication to service helps residents in our communities enjoy a high standard of living, receiving quality, comfortable care in a social environment. Her passion and drive are contagious!

Are you interested in a career where you drive positive change in the lives of seniors? If so, Sagora Senior Living is the place for you. With open positions at more than 55 communities in 11 different states, we’re confident that you can find the perfect fit.

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