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I am Sagora- Kevin C.


Officially, Kevin C. is a Maintenance Assistant at Aberdeen Heights Assisted Living in Tulsa, Oklahoma. But he doesn’t like to think of his role in concrete terms. If you ask him, he’s a lot more than a Maintenance Assistant.

“I’m a fix-it man, comedian and resident assistant,” he said.

At Aberdeen Heights Assisted Living, you’ll find Kevin interacting with residents, singing George Strait songs at happy hour, and taking professional-quality pictures each Easter. He’s one of many Sagora Senior Living Team Members that draw upon their diverse talents to bring happiness to residents in each community.

“Kevin is one very talented man, and we are fortunate enough to have him share his talents for the residents,” Lifestyle Director Amber Stickles said.

Last month, Kevin entertained residents with a rendition of George Strait’s 1984 hit “The Fireman,” matching Strait’s signature twang as he carried the tune. Music is something that has inspired Kevin throughout his life. He likes to write songs and loves to sing, meaning he’s always ready to hit the stage at happy hour if his schedule allows.

“Being a photographer and singer has given me opportunities to use my talent to bring a little happiness to their lives,” Kevin said.

That’s what drives Kevin and gives him the desire to come to work each day. At Aberdeen Heights, he’s found a culture that has the same values that he does, a culture that is dedicated to residents and their enjoyment. Each day, they strive to make Aberdeen Heights a great place to live and a great place to work.

“I think that’s why our residents love it here,” he said. “Our Team Members are so good at putting the needs of the residents before anything else. They feel at home and in some cases, better than at home.”

Aberdeen Heights values its community feel and seeks to reinforce it through meticulously planned lifestyle programs and activities. Sometimes, things get a little competitive. In the spring, the community held a Pinewood Derby, bringing a hallmark of the Boy Scout experience to Aberdeen Heights.

As residents crafted and painted their cars, Kevin was there watching and assisting. This spring’s race was won on a photo finish, in dramatic fashion. Kevin considers the ending to be among his favorite memories at the community.

“You could see the joy they have before, after and during the event,” he said.

There have been a lot of good memories for Kevin at Aberdeen Heights. While some stand out more than others, he values them all. For Kevin, each memory is a tangible reminder of his purpose, and each smile is an accomplishment that demonstrates his commitment to the community and its residents.

“I think God directs our paths and leads us somewhere we can make a difference,” he said. “That’s my goal – always make a difference.”

We are so thankful for Kevin’s work each day in bettering the lives of residents. Because of him, residents at Aberdeen Heights Assisted Living thrive, and the community does a great job of bettering the lives of those that it serves.

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