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I am Sagora- Shannon M.


Shannon’s passion for working with seniors stems from her love of music.

The Lifestyle Director at The Brennity at Vero Beach Senior Living has always been enamored by music and loves to center her activities around it. She uses it in many ways, for therapy, for fun and as a way for residents to connect with themselves and others.  Shannon says there are few feelings better than when a resident identifies with a song that she plays, when it impacts them spiritually.

“I wanted to use my music programs to help seniors achieve the best quality of life possible,” Shannon said. “Every time I play a song and it brings back memories for residents, I am reminded why I chose this career path.”

As Lifestyle Director, Shannon organizes the daily activity schedule for residents at The Brennity at Vero Beach Senior Living. With more than 10 activities per day, she makes sure that the calendar is always jam-packed full of fun activities and ways for residents to socialize while having fun in the process.

Most of the time, these events take place within the community. They’re happy hours in the bistro, water aerobics in the pool or meet and greets in one of the community’s many social spaces. Some regularly scheduled activities take place outside of the community, as residents enjoy evenings out on the town, trips to museums or lunches at local favorites.

These outings, Shannon says, are her favorites because they provide the best memories. One outing stands out to Shannon – an airboat trip. Common in Florida due to shallow rivers and swamps, airboats can cut through the water and turn on a dime. Often, they are the only way to view some of the state’s best natural areas, where access with a conventional boat would be impossible.

On this outing, Shannon and Assisted Living and Memory Care residents were exploring wild areas of Florida’s St. Johns River. One resident, a 100-year-old man, was really enjoying the ride and his happiness was contagious.

Shannon can still picture the scene. She says she’ll never forget it.

“He was sitting at the front of the boat with his arms outstretched,” Shannon recalls. “The driver kept going faster and faster to please him!”

Putting a smile on residents’ faces is why Shannon comes to work every morning. Each day, she wants to see someone as happy as that man was on the airboat. That’s why she is dedicated to Sagora Senior Living’s Resident First mission and goes above and beyond to make sure she lives it each day.

“To me, Resident First means going above and beyond to meet the wants and needs of each resident,” Shannon said.

We are so thankful for Shannon’s work each day in bettering the lives of her residents. Because of her, residents of The Brennity at Vero Beach Senior Living thrive, and the community does a great job of bettering the lives of those that it serves.

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