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I am Sagora | Tom R.

Meet Tom R., the Executive Director at Elison Assisted Living of Minot in Minot, North Dakota.

Tom has been with Elison Assisted Living of Minot for a little more than one year. Prior to working at the community, he was an on-air reporter in Minot. Tom’s previous career was full of adrenaline-inducing moments, from deep-sea fishing in the open ocean to flying with stunt pilots to covering the United States’ nuclear programs.

While that may seem like a hard life to give up, for Tom it has been a no-brainer. He is thrilled to go to work each day, thrilled to see what a new day brings and what he can do to improve the lives of residents and associates alike.

“This community is my home,” Tom said. “I have known the residents or their families for years. Elison Assisted Living of Minot just feels like family, it feels like home.”

Family brought Tom to the community. Before his time at Elison Assisted Living of Minot, his only experiences with senior living came through his parents and grandparents, experiences that made a deep impression on him. During the pandemic, those feelings grew stronger. He felt called to service and wanted to make a positive impact in the lives of those around him, especially seniors.

“I felt it was time to get more involved and work to help other families answer those questions and find solutions to help their loved ones in the next chapter of their lives,” he said.

Service is at the center of Tom’s leadership style. He wants to make the community somewhere where residents can thrive, receiving excellent care in an environment with ample social opportunities. That’s why he leads a morning coffee club for the male residents and organizes pep rallies and community potluck dinners.

When he looks to for new associates, Tom wants them to have that same passion, that same ability to serve residents and enrich lives, driving positive change in the process. If they do, they’ll be a great fit.

“We truly have a family atmosphere here at Elison Assisted Living of Minot,” he said. “I have never experienced a group of individuals that are as dedicated to helping others as the group we have here.”

On some crystal-clear North Dakota nights, Tom will look up at the stars. You can see a lot of them up there, he says, and sometimes you might even be able to see the aurora borealis. But there’ one star that always sticks out to him, one star that reminds him of the words key to Sagora Senior Living’s mission – Resident First.

“The brightest star in the sky is the North Star,” he said. “For centuries, it has been used to navigate the globe. To me, ‘residents first’ is my North Star. Whenever a question arises about what to do, it’s pretty simple. I look at my North Star and then I ask ‘how can I put my residents first?’”

We are so blessed to have Tom as a part of the Sagora Senior Living family and we’re continually amazed by his dedication to creating an enriching environment for his residents. Because of him and the culture that he has installed, Elison Assisted Living of Minot makes a tremendous impact on the community and the lives of those that it serves.

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