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Long Term Care Planning Month


At Sagora Senior Living, we are here for our residents and their families every step of the way! That includes the first step in considering long-term care, which is planning for long-term care. October is Long-Term Care Planning Month and it’s important to focus on setting yourself and your loved ones up for success by strategizing a plan for the future.


It is often said, “when you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” This statement is applicable in all areas of life, but it is most true when it comes to those parts of life that you tend to not think about much, such as planning for long-term care. Preparation is an important part of success. When life takes a turn, preparation gives you the keys to be ready for those parts of life we don’t expect. It eases transitions and provides peace of mind knowing that you’re ready for what’s next – whatever that may be.


October is Long-Term Care Planning Month, 31 days dedicated to planning your or your loved one’s future and exploring the field of Long-Term Care. This month, it’s important to explore your options should you or a loved one need long-term care.


Long-term care incorporates services that are specifically designed to meet an individual’s needs, medical or non-medical, and help them with the activities of daily life. It helps to enhance independence and make life easier and more comfortable. Individuals that require long-term care usually have chronic health conditions, disabilities, or have recently suffered a serious injury. Often, these are parts of life that we don’t like to think about, so we tend to not plan for them.


The need for such care can present itself suddenly or gradually. Nonetheless, preparedness is key so you’re ready for any situation. Here are three things to think about when considering long-term care.


Know When It’s Time

It can be difficult to discern when it’s time for long-term care. Breaking down the factors that are at play in such a decision are most important. Perhaps the biggest sign that it is time for long-term care or assisted living, is if an individual is unable to go about their daily tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and practicing proper hygiene.


Sagora Senior Living’s long-term care communities are focused on serving the needs of residents that require assistance in daily activities. Our communities provide medication management, housekeeping services, social activities, and chef-prepared meals that are nutritious and tasty.


By meeting residents’ basic needs, we can further enhance their independence and help them live a social, active lifestyle. Our communities are vibrant, offering activities like happy hours, live music, and special holiday celebrations, ensuring that you or your loved one can make new friends in a warm, welcoming environment.


Know the Types of Services Offered

Long-term care doesn’t always take place in a specialized community. One of the options to explore is at-home care, where an individual can receive quality care and assistance in their own home. This involves medical care in addition to assistance with the activities of daily life such as chores, cooking, and personal hygiene activities.


While at-home care lets an individual stay in their home for an extended period of time, it is important to consider the social aspects of such an arrangement. For seniors, social isolation is a driver of poor health outcomes. With decreased mobility, it may be harder for an individual to socialize with others, outside of those providing care.


Therefore, it is important to decide which setting is the proper fit before making a final decision.


Know the Cost

Both at-home care and long-term care in a specialized community can cost thousands of dollars monthly. This can come as a surprise, but it further reinforces just how important it is to plan.


Talking about finances is often avoided, but when planning for long-term care it’s a necessary conversation. You or your loved one should have a financial plan and look into ways in which money can be saved, including insurance and government programs.


Millions of Americans receive long-term care services, enjoying increased levels of convenience and comfort. Sagora Senior Living takes it a step further, with quality cuisine, beautiful communities and tenured team members providing specialized care.


Regardless of how healthy you are, as we continue to age the possible need for long-term care increases. Decide today to live life by design rather than default and map out your plan for success when it comes to long-term care. If you need some assistance and guidance, Sagora Senior Living is here for you!


We are proud to play a vital role in helping seniors live longer and the best life possible. With 62 communities in 12 different states, Sagora Senior Living offers seniors the chance to live in active, social communities where they can thrive on a daily basis.


To find out more, tour your local Sagora Senior Living community!

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