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Meet Ava: a former Rosie the Riveter Celebrating her 103rd Birthday This Month!


Meet Ava F., one of our residents at Lyndale Edmond Senior Living in Edmond, Oklahoma. She is celebrating a very special milestone with us this month – she’s turning 103! As you can see in the below video, Ava loves to dance and still has the moves! She says that a good diet and exercise have helped to keep her healthy and active.

Ava was born in Wanette, Oklahoma, just south of Shawnee. Her father was a cotton farmer who loved to play dominoes and her mother was a talented cook, alto singer and organ player. She has a large, loving family with two brothers and three sisters – two of whom were twins!

Ava and two of her sisters sang as The Walton Trio on the radio in Shawnee. She loved attending parties – especially if they were outdoors – and enjoyed playing hide and seek and “Ring Around the Rosie” as a child. Times were different in 1918 – Ava would typically ride the bus to school but if she missed it, she had to walk three miles to school. Her favorite school subjects included spelling and arithmetic. In her free time, she enjoyed taking her brand-new Chevy 4-door truck to visit her aunt in Fayetteville.

While her husband was in the military, Ava worked at Douglas Airplane Factory and truly embodied the Rosie the Riveter spirit! She worked on planes that sent supplies to servicemen overseas.

She was also a saleswoman for Fuller Brush – she was so good at sales that she even sold a comb to a man with no hair! A multi-talented woman, Ava also owned a furniture store and volunteered at a local hospital to deliver mail to patients.

We are so blessed to have Ava as part of our Sagora Senior Living family and are excited to share this milestone with her!


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