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Meet the Teacher: Lucie, Adante Independent Living


In honor of the back-to-school season, we interviewed a few of our former teachers who are residents at our Sagora Senior Living communities. They shared a bit of their life story along with advice for today’s students. We’re so excited to introduce them to you!

As our last feature to this series, we’re proud to introduce you to Lucie, one of our residents at Adante Independent Living in San Antonio, Texas. In true teacher fashion, Lucie wrote her story herself and we are happy to share it with you below!

“I come from a family of educators, and I love teaching! I even used to dream about the first day of school for years after I retired. As a teacher, I found joy in the student/teacher relationships and in watching students learn, gain confidence and excel.

I still love teaching and the whole process involved. I enjoy the creativity necessary to prepare meaningful and relevant lesson plans and units. I continue to find it exciting that no matter what is planned, there needs to be flexibility enough to allow learning to proceed at its own pace and to allow for unexpected outcomes. I, also, found real satisfaction, as an elementary teacher and counselor, working with parents and teachers and suggesting alternative ways for handling behavior, discipline, organization, etc.

I primarily taught sixth grade students in a variety of settings, K-6 gifted students in multiple settings and guidance lessons to elementary students K-5. Additionally, I developed curriculum for my individual classroom and for several school districts. My husband was a minister, so I taught in seven different school districts, including North East ISD in San Antonio from 1963-2002.

I continue to develop curriculum and conduct Caring Communication Classes for my fellow residents at Adante! This group meets weekly in a small group setting and employs communication skills while delving into such topics as The Importance of Having a Positive Attitude, Feeling/Expressing Gratitude, Showing Forgiveness and Kindness, Techniques for Maintaining Good Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Well-Being, among others!

When asked what I would recommend to students beginning a new year, I would say organize for learning and for life. Have the needed supplies, get necessary information filled out and returned, have a specific place for everything, and follow the recommendations of medical experts, especially regarding COVID-19 protection. These same suggestions can apply to senior citizens as well. The older we get, the more organized we need to be, especially with our important papers including Wills, Power of Attorney, Medical information, phone numbers and addresses, etc. Also, senior citizens are likely to be more vulnerable to illness. My advice is to engage in preventive activities, keep up with medical appointments, keep records of doctor visits, and do the recommended follow-ups. Organize for success!

In my opinion, being an educator is one of the most rewarding careers one can have – no two students are alike, no two days are alike, and no two outcomes are the same. Did I mention that I love teaching?”



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