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Meet the Teacher: Mary, Landon Ridge Alamo Ranch Independent Living


In honor of the back-to-school season, we interviewed a few of our former teachers who are residents at our Sagora Senior Living communities. They shared a bit of their life story along with advice for today’s students. We’re so excited to introduce them to you!

For today’s feature, meet Mary at Landon Ridge Alamo Ranch Independent Living in San Antonio, Texas. She was a military wife who taught all over the world from years 1964 to 2007. She says that her favorite places that she taught in were elementary schools in rural Virginia, Washington D.C., California, Hawaii, Germany and Texas. Mary taught all subjects K-6th grade and says that her favorite subject to teach was science – she even continues to teach at our community! She advanced her career during her years of service and became certified as a principal, special education teacher, gifted and talented program teacher and technology classes.

Her favorite thing about teaching was seeing students get excited about learning. “I love teaching and to this day, it just comes from my heart to teach others new things. Teaching is my love language!” said Mary.

When asked what advice she has for students heading back to school this fall, Mary said, “Be passionate about learning, find fun in education and know your education can carry you through life, hard times and good times!” And her advice for teachers? “Be committed as a teacher. We need good teachers to prepare our youth for life! Add humor to your curriculum – this not only makes it fun for students, but for teachers alike! Grasp on to the hearts of these children as it will help their minds receive your teachings.”

Mary has quite an accomplished career as she won multiple awards including Teacher of the Year at several districts she taught at. She even won the San Antonio Spurs Teacher of the Year award one year where she got to go to the Spurs basketball game at no cost and was recognized on the big screen in front of everyone during halftime!

Mary currently still practices what she loves as she is our Science for Seniors teacher at Landon Ridge Alamo Ranch! This class is amazing, funny and very educational. She has taught classes over the science of rockets, paper planes, Texas and monarch butterflies, egg drop challenges, hummingbirds, structures of San Antonio and much more.

She even created a waystation for monarch butterflies at the community and taught our residents how to take care of the caterpillars at home while the butterflies grew. Residents got to experience metamorphosis right in front of their eyes – Mary had the exact timing of when the butterflies would fly away and all! Now the outdoor community at Landon Ridge is full of beautiful butterflies!

Mary is also a volunteer at the Helotes Humane Society where she fosters kittens and provides education seminars to others on how to properly care for kittens, especially those that are ill and needing lots of love and care. During the month, Mary will bring kittens that are being fostered to our community for our residents to love on and teaches them about kittens in the process!

She enjoys teaching seniors new things that she’s learned especially if it’s a topic she loves her passion behind it is unmatched! Mary used this mantra with her students then and now: “I am a special person, I believe in myself, I can make a difference in the world if I choose to be a caring and responsible person!”

We are so blessed by Mary’s presence within our community and are honored to share her story with you. Stay tuned as we have more former teacher stories to come!


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