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National Caregivers Day

At Sagora Senior Living we are constantly creating new experiences to engage our residents and find exciting ways to showcase our amazing communities and how we truly embrace each moment we create together! One of the most vital roles in our community is our caregivers! National Caregivers Day is observed on the third Friday in February and honors the healthcare professionals and individuals across the country providing care to others. Today we take a pause to thank them and honor them for the service and dedication they provide to our residents.


Around the nation, dedicated professionals and individuals serve those who require additional care. They provide vital services, reassuring those in their care and the families who care about them. Often loved ones require care we are unable to provide due to our inability physically or not having the skills or means to provide the care. Expert caregivers are trained to provide round-the-clock services in safe environments. Their care enables the family to focus on their loved one’s healing process. A caregiver allows the family to spend time with their loved one without worrying about medical responsibilities.


This day honors individuals who selflessly provide personal care, physical, and emotional support to those who need it most. There are different types of caregivers who are not just limited to the health sector. The types are family caregivers, professional caregivers, independent caregivers, private duty caregivers, and informal caregivers. Some of them are not always paid, which is why it is essential to appreciate and thank them for their long-term commitment.


Caregivers spend a great deal of time caring for family, neighbors and friends — an average of 24 hours of care per week, studies show. For some, it’s a full-time job. Although it may truly be a labor of love, the truth is that caregivers often feel invisible, alone and unappreciated. That’s where you come in. You can make a real difference by letting them know that you see what they are doing, and you honor and value them. Here are some clear ways you can demonstrate your support and appreciation to caregivers.


  1. Simply say “thank you” to a caregiver

Be specific. Thank them for their everyday efforts, not just the especially challenging things. Compliment them on a job well done, whether it’s a good meal or a great job handling a crisis. Point out the many ways in which they are making a real difference in their loved ones’ lives. Celebrate the victories, small and large. Tell them you see their skills and resilience in even the most difficult of circumstances and you appreciate everything they do.


  1. Spend time with a caregiver

Take time from your busy life to just be with them. Take the time to actively engage in their lives. Caregivers spend so much time caring for others that having someone take a moment to spend with them speaks volumes and shows that you truly care about their wellbeing.


  1. Make it possible for caregivers to take a break

Don’t just encourage them to take a break, help them make it happen. Assist them in finding the time and enacting a plan. Schedule exercise, haircuts, travel, shopping, or their own health care appointments. Offer and follow up — don’t wait to be asked.


  1. Actively demonstrate your support

Help by taking on some caregiving tasks or supporting their lives. Whether you are with them in person or supporting them from a distance, there are things you can do to help and show appreciation on a one-time or ongoing basis.


  1. Encourage a caregiver’s self-care

Tell them you appreciate them and encourage them to appreciate and nurture themselves too. Remind them it’s not selfish to care for themselves; it’s practical. They need to “fill up” so they have the internal fuel to keep on caregiving. And they will be better caregivers too.


We at Sagora Senior Living are so appreciative of the caregivers in our communities that give so much of themselves to care for others. We see you. We thank you. We honor you. Take a moment to thank the caregivers in your life today in a way that is meaningful to them — it may be a small thing to you, but it may make a bigger difference in their lives than you will ever know.


We are proud to play a vital role in helping seniors live longer and the best life possible. With 62 communities in 12 different states, Sagora Senior Living offers seniors the chance to live in active, social communities where they can thrive on a daily basis.


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