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National Mentoring Month – How Seniors Can Help


National Mentoring Month – How Seniors Can Help

January is National Mentoring Month, the largest mentoring campaign in the country. Each year, companies, individuals and mentoring programs use National Mentoring Month to start a dialogue around the importance of quality mentoring.

At Sagora Senior Living, we have the opportunity to be surrounded by an abundance of wise mentors, our residents. Seniors are filled with a wealth of knowledge about life, so what better mentor to have. Many of our residents love to tell stories about their travels, work experience, love life, and overall life experience.

Bridging the generational gap is a great way senior citizens can think about mentoring to younger people. Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z have read about the history that seniors have experienced in real life. Being able to put a face to a piece of history, and get a personal account on what was happening at that time is an invaluable experience.

There are also some real benefits for seniors who participate in mentoring. In an article by the Harvard Business Review, experts say, seniors who mentor young people, may be three times as happy as those who don’t. A senior who mentors can feel helpful and valuable.

Some great ideas on getting involved with senior mentors are:
● School-age field trips
● Couples visiting elders and seeking knowledge
● College students researching for projects
● People just looking to give back with their time and learn something new

For more information on this subject and how Sagora can ensure or encourage your loved one to live their best quality of life, visit a Sagora Senior Living community near you.

Written by Iman Cole
January 15, 2019

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