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National Wellness Month

National Wellness Month: Brandy Pennington, Lifestyle Director, The Westmore

August is National Wellness Month and while you may try to incorporate wellness into every day, it’s easy to get distracted by the demands of the day or to assume that wellness is too daunting of a task. Here, I’ve laid out practical ways for seniors to implement healthy habits into their daily routine.

Modify Exercise to Your Level

Here at The Westmore, we offer several classes including yoga, weight training, dancing and stretching, among others. Many of our residents will come into a class and think that they can’t do it – we want to change that perspective. There’s so much that they’re able to do, it’s all about discovering their fitness level and catering to it.

For residents with joint pain, we offer aquatic classes – they’re easy on the joints and provide natural resistance. Seated yoga is also offered to loosen and stretch muscles, reduce stress and improve circulation all while seated in a chair so those who aren’t as flexible or are at risk for falls can safely do the exercises.

We recently met a resident with Parkinson’s disease who loves to box. We got gloves and punching bags and spent time with him focusing on punches. Conditioning for agility, hand-eye coordination and muscular endurance help him to fight back against the disease.

Move It or Lose It

I tell residents all the time, “if you don’t move it, you’ll lose it.” Whether it’s going for a walk or stretching to avoid getting stiff, simply getting up and moving in some way is so much better than sitting still. Remember Newton’s first law of motion – an object at rest tends to stay at rest; an object in motion tends to stay in motion.

We love to plan resident outings that involve getting out and walking. We’ve taken trips to the Dallas Arboretum and George W. Bush Presidential Library Museum – walking and learning, what could be better?

Fuel Your Workouts

Food is fuel for your life, make your choices wisely. Following each of our fitness classes, we offer fresh fruit smoothies and a hydration station to our residents to provide the recovery they need after a workout.

Keeping hydration a top priority (especially in these hot summer months) and choosing seasonal fruits and vegetables over processed foods are a great way to incorporate wellness into your nutrition.

Often times, the idea of wellness can get over complicated with new diets and intimidating fitness routines. By implementing small, practical changes into your daily life, sustainable wellness can be achieved by any person at any level.

Learn more about what we offer at The Westmore, located in Westworth Village, Texas here.


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