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Resident Showcase- Eleanor D.


Music has been central to Eleanor D.’s life.

For the resident of Lakestone Terrace Senior Living in Granbury, Texas, it serves many different functions. It’s a way to meet people and a way to express herself. It plays a key part in her faith, as she has learned how to grow closer to God and others seeking salvation through her musical abilities.

“Music has always been fulfilling and kindled many friendships with other musicians,” she said. “It has created a way to meet interesting people and share songs and knowledge with them.”

Her talent isn’t constrained to one instrument, one genre, or one way of performing. Over the past 40 years, she has played the piano and the flute; she has written songs and then sung them. All the while she has shared her passion with others, teaching the younger generation about the ways in which they can express themselves through their musical abilities.

Teaching is another one of Eleanor’s passions, one that she has intertwined with her love of song. She taught elementary school music in several cities across Texas, including Lubbock, Abilene and Fort Worth. At the same time, she was giving private lessons in her home, something that she did for 25 years. She always had one lesson for her students – listen.

“Listening to music is so important in developing your skill and love for music,” she said.

Eleanor also told her students to venture out into the community, to participate in bands, choirs, opera groups and festivals. That piece of advice came from her own personal experience, from her journey to becoming a skilled musician. Growing up, she played piano in church, sang in choirs and played in school bands and orchestras.

Her experience in school band carried her to college, where she played the flute at what was then Texas Western College (now known as UTEP) in El Paso. Her participation in band secured her scholarships that helped pay for her education.

In the 1980s, Eleanor’s involvement in teaching and the church led her to expand her horizons and begin writing songs. The subject of these songs was her faith – most were crafted for mission organizations serving children or The Baptist General Convention of Texas. As her skills progressed, she continued to write songs and even started to perform them during worship services.

“Some of my songs were translated into Spanish and Swahili,” she said.

Eleanor moved to Lakestone Terrace last summer. When she arrived, she didn’t know anyone at the community. That changed quickly once she became involved in chapel services, where she plays piano. Now, she’s a key part of the community and a resident who is willing to share her experiences with anyone that asks.

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