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Resident Showcase- Sharon J.


Sharon J. is passionate about birds.

Last month, the Lakestone Terrace Senior Living resident showcased her passion at a library near the community in Granbury, Texas by hosting an exhibit featuring items she has been collecting for the last 40 years – birds’ nests. Much like those who enjoy architecture, Sharon is enthralled by the ways birds make their homes and the little details that they include.

“[I enjoy] the creativity of the builders,” she says.

Placards at her exhibit tell the story behind each nest. One came from a summer cabin in Idaho, where a bird built her nest on top of an outhouse toilet paper cabinet and proceeded to hog the bathroom for the rest of the summer. Sharon came into possession of the nest after the bird left for the winter and the family reclaimed their outbuilding!

Another was built on the back of an active US Army tank at the Yuma Proving Grounds in Arizona. When the tank had to be relocated, Sharon collected the nest. Some she just stumbles upon, like the small hummingbird nest that fell out of a tree.

Given the protections afforded to migratory birds, Sharon has to be very careful about how she collects the nests. When asked what advice she would give to someone else looking to get started in the hobby, her reply was simple.

“Know your state laws,” she said.

Some of the stories reflect events in her own life. One of her nests is made of yarn and string, mixed with traditional building materials. She was gifted it by staff at a Girl Scout campground. They had found it as they were preparing for their yearly “camporee,” which Sharon was to take part in.

Sharon has dedicated much of her life to working with youth. She has been involved with the Girl Scouts for more than 60 years and the Boy Scouts for upwards of 30 years. Her passion for nature has led her to emphasize outdoor activities as a youth group leader. One of her favorite memories, she says, is leading 36 girl scouts on a five-day hike into the Grand Canyon.

Now, Sharon has made a nest of her own at Lakestone Terrace Senior Living. She has lived in the community for the last 14 months and it’s become quite a comfortable one!

“It’s a lovely community,” she said. “Associates are warm, welcoming, hard-working and helpful. They offer many well-organized activities.”

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