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Resident Showcase: Trudy B.

Witness to History: Resident Trudy talks Air Force career, friendship


Watch Trudy B. Here: https://watch.oneday.com/v/4Jf2RBiUBJ

On June 12, residents and associates at Landon Ridge Alamo Ranch Assisted Living & Memory Care of San Antonio, Texas celebrated a little-known holiday: Women Veterans Day. It’s a day to honor the women who served in the United States armed forces and to remember the hard work and sacrifices they made. Each year, it is celebrated on the anniversary of the Women’s Armed Services Integration Act, which was passed in 1942 and officially allowed women to serve in the US military alongside men, marking a significant step toward gender equality.

One of the women honored by the community was a pioneer in her field, thanks to the Women’s Armed Services Integration Act. Resident Trudy B. served in the newly created Air Force for more than 20 years as a flight nurse, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel.

Those 20 years were full of highlights and memorable experiences as she played witness to several key historical events. In particular, one event stands above the rest.

“I was appointed a medical backup for the military at the [John F.] Kennedy funeral,” Trudy said.

Trudy’s greatest joy during her time in the service came from traveling. By her own account, she traveled across the globe, seeing countries and sights that she never thought she would see. It made a tremendous impact on her – one that is still clear decades later.

“I traveled a good portion of the world and I enjoyed it very much,” Trudy said.

The military shaped Trudy’s life and helped her become the woman that she is today. Decades later, she still feels the positive impact the military had on her. That’s why she recommends that younger people join the military too.

“You learn a lot of different things,” she said. “Have fun and learn what you can because you can make use of it after you retire.”

Camaraderie is a large part of life in the armed forces. For Trudy, it’s something that she values, something she’s always looking for. It’s part of the reason why she loves her community, she says; part of the reason that she has called it home for many years.

“I like the people,” Trudy said. “They’re very friendly and caring.”

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Watch Trudy B. Here: https://watch.oneday.com/v/4Jf2RBiUBJ

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