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Resident Showcase: Verna Paco, Landon Ridge Alamo Ranch

My name is Verna Paco and I’m a resident at Landon Ridge Alamo Ranch. I moved here because I was recently recovering from cancer and needed the meals, housekeeping and the activities to help keep me busy and active.

I’ve never liked to sit still for very long. When I was in high school, I was highly active in 4H club which led to being awarded two scholarships – one for Spencer’s Business College and one for Louisiana State University. I wanted to go to LSU and pursue my lifelong dream of fashion design. My father wouldn’t allow this – he told me that fashion design wasn’t a suitable career path and that I should pursue the business scholarship. “Get a good career and get married,” he said.

This didn’t sit well with me. Still aching to attend LSU, I went there for a football game. Unfortunately, I was involved in a terrible multi-car accident along the way. I went through two years of having multiple surgeries to heal from the accident. Life moves in very mysterious ways. I ended up receiving a settlement check that I saw as an opportunity to finally live out my dream of becoming a fashion designer.

It was then that I established Mode La Vern in New Orleans – a fashion design company of my very own. The business took off quickly and it wasn’t long until I was being requested to provide clothing for major modeling companies and my clothing was featured in several style shows.

To this day, my designs are still being used in New Orleans and I have met many famous people who have worn my designs. As said by designer, Lorinda Mamo, “every great design begins with an even better story.”

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