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Resident Showcase- Wayne & Linda K.


In late June, University Place Independent Living of Abilene, Texas hosted a special event. It was not a senior prom, nor was it a happy hour, nor was it a regularly scheduled lifestyle event. Instead, it was a celebration of newlyweds, a celebration of a bond that was forged within the community over the past year.

Wayne and Linda both moved into University Place Independent Living in mid-2021 – Wayne in April and Linda in July. Before September, they were strangers. That’s when Wayne attended a “Getting to Know You” program put on by the community. One of the featured guests was Linda, then a new resident.

Linda spoke about something that she holds close to her heart – her faith. That message resonated with Wayne, a pastor for more than 60 years and a former director of missionaries in Brazil. He asked her to help with his Saturday program, Poems and Prayers.

One month later, Wayne asked Linda on a date. You could say it went well. Four months later, in February, Wayne got down on one knee and proposed to Linda. She said yes.

And in June, both residents said those magical words: “I do.”

“There is no age limit on love,” Linda said.

It was a quick courtship, a whirlwind of a romance, but their relationship was built upon a foundation that both Linda and Wayne had been solidifying their entire lives – their faith. Wayne is the unofficial chaplain at University Place and puts on events like Poems and Prayers at the community. Linda grew up in West Texas, where her faith took shape, eventually leading her into groups like Girls of Grace, Prayer Warriors and leadership positions at her church.

The subject was frequently the topic of conversation when Wayne and Linda met for coffee each night at 7 P.M., but it was far from the only one. Early in their relationship, the two made a commitment to be honest with one another, to not hold back. They credit that with bringing them closer together and strengthening their bond.

When asked what advice they would have for other couples, Linda and Wayne agreed.

“Talk a lot!” they said. “About everything: faith, family, finances. Be an open book!”

After celebrating their wedding on June 24, the couple took off on their honeymoon – a Caribbean cruise. Wayne says he couldn’t help but feel madly in love with his new wife. He kept saying he felt like Linda was Doris Day and he was in a movie.

When they returned to Abilene, they moved into a new apartment – an apartment fit for two. Now, they don’t have to say goodbye to one another after coffee each night. Now, they have a place where they can be together and call home.

“You are never too old to be loved,” they said. “At any age, you always have room to grow, room for new beginnings. You can dream and set goals. Be young at heart!”


We are so proud to have people like Linda and Wayne in our communities and we are so happy that they were able to find their soulmates at University Place! To learn more about your local Sagora Senior Living community, visit our website and schedule a tour today!

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