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Between a Rock and a Fun Place

The age old game of hide-and-seek has a new meaning in Martin County. Citizens of Port St. Lucie, FL, have been painting rocks and hiding them all over the county for other citizens to find and replace them with rocks of their own.

The Brennity at Tradition’s lifestyle director, Karey Graham, introduced the idea of rock painting and hiding to residents and they knew they wanted to be a part of the craze.

Every month, The Brennity at Tradition creates a new art project for residents, and after talking with the residents, Graham ordered rock painting supplies. What was supposed to be a one-week project turned into a three-week project and rock art gallery.

“Residents loved the project,” Graham said, “Every week our art class grew. Residents started inviting their friends, and everyone was very excited about rock painting at The Brennity.”

The Brennity at Tradition recently invited the students from the nearby Renaissance Charter Elementary School to join the fun. Students visited The Brennity at Tradition and searched for rocks in The Brennity’s garden. Lifestyle Assistant, Cherene Topping, paired the visit with a tour of the community’s butterfly garden so the students would learn more about their neighbors and the butterfly’s life cycle.

“The rocks that the students found had been painted and placed in the garden by our residents,” Topping said, “Some rocks went home with the kids too. Our resident who designed the butterfly garden also gave the students a presentation on the life cycle of a butterfly.”

The Brennity residents autographed the rocks hidden in the garden, and when a student found one, they too would also sign it and then carefully place it in the butterfly garden.

“We have had so much fun painting and hiding rocks,” Graham said, “The seniors love having the students over, and they got extra excited about painting rocks for them.”

The Brennity at Tradition associates encourage other senior living communities to try this project.

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