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Sagora Personal Care Assessments

Sagora Personal Care Assessments

The transition to a senior living community can be an uncertain time for residents, as well as families. During this time it’s important that families and residents have all the information they need to help transition successfully. In order to make sure we meet the needs of families and residents, we conduct a needs assessment. This assessment will measure the residents physical and cognitive health.

What to Expect?
This assessment may sound like a test, but rest assured this is not a pass or fail situation. The main thing we want to achieve in this interaction is making sure we provide every resident with the best and most personalized care possible.

Behavioral Condition
During our assessment, we will observe your resident’s behavioral condition. We do this to keep the residents and associates safe. It is important that the resident, and or family can understand community policies, and respond to assistance from associates in the best way possible.

Cognitive Condition
As residents are coping with dementia, it is important that we take into account their cognitive ability. Understanding our residents’ cognitive capabilities gives our care associates the opportunity to provide personalized care for the resident.

Medical Needs
During the assessment, we will asses residents’ past medical history and overall health. Our associates will also look at their vision and hearing ability to ensure they are properly documented in the resident’s personal service plan.

Special Support
Some residents will need support with things like a special diet, oxygen, adaptive equipment, and wheelchair assistance.

Personal Care
The personal care needs among residents will vary, so we provide bathing, grooming, restroom assistance, and more. This information will be noted in the resident’s personalized care assessment so all care associates are aware.

The goal of these assessments is to make sure the resident is receiving the care needed. While the assessment is being conducted, residents and families should feel free to ask as any questions they might have. Our goal as a community is to be transparent and provide a comfortable transition for both our residents and their families. For more information on this subject and how Sagora can ensure or encourage your loved one to live their best quality of life visit one of our Memory Care communities.


Written by Iman Cole
February 8, 2019


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