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Sagora Senior Living: COVID-19 Update March 14, 2020


“The World Health Organization has named COVID-19 a global pandemic and the United States has declared a national emergency. The protocols that we have put in place that non-essential visitors may not enter the community and that residents may only leave for medical emergencies are crucial in preventing the spread of this highly contagious virus that can be deadly. The highest risk for coronavirus is the senior population and those with underlying health issues. Under the President of the United States, it is strongly advised that medically unnecessary visits to senior living communities are suspended. It is also recommended that older Americans should avoid non-essential travel. The CDC is strongly recommending social distancing and reducing large gatherings. Implementing these practices today will prevent the spread of the virus tomorrow and it is critical for all of our residents, associates and family members to follow them. Not upholding the policies, we have in effect could potentially put the entire community of seniors in our care at risk and we plan to go above and beyond in the stewardship of their safety and well-being. We understand that this can be a frustrating time, but it is a temporary situation to best protect our residents. We are continuing to monitor this situation and making decisions as needed. We are working relentlessly to protect our residents and will provide updates as they arise via social media, internal communications with our associates and external communications with our residents and family members.” – Bryan McCaleb, President and Dara Brown, Sr. Vice President of Sagora Senior Living

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