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Sagora Silver Bachelor


At Sagora Senior Living we are constantly creating new experiences to engage our residents and find exciting ways to showcase how amazing they are and how much fun we have! This fall we have a real treat to share, and we want you to get involved too!


In honor of The Bachelor’s first senior bachelor, the ‘Golden Bachelor’, Sagora is on the hunt for our own Sagora Silver Bachelor! Let us be the first to say – these gentlemen truly bring the wow factor to our communities!


Over the past few weeks, we invited our team members from around the country to nominate single bachelors from their Independent Living community for the chance to be selected as Sagora’s Silver Bachelor. Each nominee answered questions about themselves, and our team members have done an amazing job of promoting their community’s eligible bachelor as the possible first Sagora’s Silver Bachelor.


We are excited to introduce you to our nominees! Starting Today, September 29 we will share each bachelor on our social media pages and the voting period will begin. We invite our friends, families, team members, and community partners to join in on the fun!


Let’s Meet Our Bachelors!

Elison Independent Living of Niles | Niles, IL
Charismatic and compassionate, Charlie loves connecting with people and uniting them through meditation, teaching, and sharing stories.
When asked to describe his ideal first date, Charlie shared that his ideal first date would be a spaghetti and meatball dinner with a loving companion. He also shared that a strong healthy relationship is being able to have conversations about the good and the bad and exchanging childhood memories.
Ansel Park Independent Living | Rocklin, CA
Frank is an enthusiastic nature-lover, horse enthusiast, and collector of minerals and antiques who has a deep passion for connecting with others and promoting love, empathy, and understanding.
When asked why Frank should be considered as Sagora’s Silver Bachelor, our team members shared that everyone in the community usually describes Frank as cheerful, and a good dancer! You will never catch Frank in a bad mood, as a matter of fact, Frank can’t even recall a day where he didn’t wake up in a good mood. The reason is because he used to teach religious studies to children, teenagers, and adults. As Frank says, “The good Lord teaches us to love one another.” Frank is one of the nicest and most loving gentlemen we know, and therefore, deserves a chance to be loved the way he loves others.
Waterview The Point | Granbury, TX
Fitz is an irresistibly charming, retired pharmacist from Missouri with a magnetic personality and quick wit, sure to win the hearts of those lucky enough to encounter him.
When asked what achievement he is most proud of Fitz shared that down it is the family he has created.  All 5 of his daughters are college grads & have married college grads. His grandchildren & great grandchildren are following suit. In short, they are following in his footsteps & becoming successful, important members of society.
Bellarose Senior Living | Tulsa, OK
John B. is a romantic, generous, and humorous individual with a warm heart and big personality. He always puts the needs of others before his own and loves to make people smile and feel at ease.
When asked why John should be considered as Sagora’s Silver Bachelor, his community team members shared that John goes out of his way to make things happen and adds a little spice and fun to whatever is happening at the moment. He loves to make people smile and feel at ease.  John is also very generous. Not only generous with his donations to our events and activities and to people, but also generous with his time and his creative ideas.  John is the “go-to” person at Bellarose when people have concerns or need advice, as he is an honest and fair individual, and a very good listener as well as that person who “gets things done.”
Lakestone Terrace Senior Living | Granbury, TX
Gene is an eloquent and romantic ambassador of Lakestone who goes the extra mile to bring joy and comfort to all fellow residents with his flirtatious charm and genuine care.
In his free time Gene dedicates time to God. He attends church every Sunday! He also enjoys spending time with his family. He has three daughters that mean the world to him and shares that his grandchildren and great grandchildren are his life! He also enjoys hanging out on the golf course with friends or a nice glass of wine and music during happy hour.

Elison Independent & Assisted Living of Maplewood | Bridgeport, WV

 A bubbly and light-hearted individual, Lynn is always able to bring positive energy to any situation with his warm personality and contagious smile.

Lynn describes his ideal first date as a nice dinner with drinks after. He enjoys playing cards, reading the newspaper, watching sports (especially football and basketball) and sitting on the porch. His idea of a strong and healthy relationship is determined by what that relationship is built on. He was married for 61 years and says the key was communication, having a lot in common, and a willingness to compromise.

                                                                         . . .

These handsome and caring gentlemen are our nominations for the Sagora Silver bachelor! Voting is now open, please cast your vote HERE for your favorite Bachelor. And don’t worry, the Sagora Silver Bachelorette is coming soon!


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