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Sagora Silver Bachelorette


At Sagora Senior Living we are constantly creating new experiences to engage our residents and find exciting ways to showcase how amazing they are and how much fun we have! This winter we have a real treat to share, and we want you to get involved too!


If you remember, in September, The Bachelor launched their first senior bachelor show, the ‘Golden Bachelor.’ Sagora opened a hunt for our own Sagora Silver Bachelor, and we were honored to announce Frank Y. of Ansel Park Independent Living | Rocklin, CA as our winner! But you can’t have the Sagora Silver Bachelor without a bachelorette! So, we are now on the lookout for the first Sagora Silver Bachelorette! Let us be the first to say – these ladies truly bring the wow factor to our communities!


Over the past few weeks, we invited our team members from around the country to nominate single bachelorettes from their Independent Living community for the chance to be selected as Sagora’s Silver Bachelorette. Each nominee answered questions about themselves, and our team members have done an amazing job of promoting their community’s eligible bachelorette as the possible first Sagora Silver Bachelorette.


We are excited to introduce you to our nominees! Starting Today, December 8, we will share each bachelorette on our social media pages and the voting period will begin. We invite our friends, families, team members, and community partners to join in on the fun!


Let’s Meet Our Bachelorettes!



The Brennity at Tradition | Port St. Lucie, FL 


Clare’s beauty and elegance are outshined only by her golden-hearted generosity and love for laughter, making every encounter with her a memorable delight. When asked to describe her idea of a strong, healthy relationship, Clare shared it requires mutual respect, humor between both people, and great personalities! In sharing an achievement she is proud of, Clare shared that she received high honors in Real Estate where she made lasting memories.




Landon Ridge Alamo Ranch Independent Living | San Antonio, TX


Ana Marie captivates all with her golden heart and infectious smile, valuing trust and communication, enjoying quiet dinners, family time, and takes pride in her cherished independence. When asked about her ideal first date, Ana Marie shared that it would be a nice dinner that’s not too loud so we could talk and get to know each other. Ana Marie’s most charming attribute is her heart of gold for others and her smile.



University Place Independent Living | Abilene, TX

Sue’s nurturing spirit as a retired nurse shines through her ever-present smile and open-hearted conversations, with a life rich in service from leading a Parkinson’s support group to the simple joy of lending an ear. In her free time, Sue enjoys helping people any way she can, doing laundry, or just listening to someone about their life. She also enjoys doing Bible studies. When asked why she should be considered the Sagora Silver Bachelorette, her community shared that Sue is the sweetest soul! She is always ready to help anyone with whatever she can. She is a retired nurse and has never lost her caring attitude. She always has a smile on her face and can talk about anything.



Bristol Park at Eagle Mountain | Fort Worth, TX

A beacon of Eagle Mountain, her active engagement in the community and dedication to family highlight her deserving nature for admiration and care. When asked why she should be considered as the Sagora Silver Bachelorette, her community shared that she is one of the shining lights at Eagle Mountain! She is very active in and around the community and enjoys socializing over a puzzle, playing BINGO, and attending each event with her family. Sue is adored by all, and they feel blessed to have her as a resident! When asked what she is most proud of, she says it is her family! She is the matriarch of her family with two daughters, five grandchildren, and six great grandchildren who she loves very much. She is a cancer survivor who has lived in Texas for over 50 years!

Lynridge Assisted Living & Memory Care | Murphy, TX


With a sparkling sense of humor and a welcoming nature, Jimmy charms everyone she meets and enjoys the thrill of dining out, casino games, and cherishes her independence. When asked why she should be considered to be the Sagora Silver Bachelorette, her community shared that Jimmy has a great sense of humor and gets along with everyone. She is so welcoming to new residents and serves as one of their ambassadors. In her free time, she enjoys playing video casino games and playing kings in the corner.



Brayden Park Assisted Living & Memory Care | San Angelo, TX


Tina’s vivacious personality and infectious love for music and dance make her the heartbeat of Brayden Park, with a spirit of joy that shines in her devotion to family and belief in respect as the cornerstone of strong relationships. Tina’s most charming attribute is her personality. She is truly a “people person.” When asked what she is most proud of, she shared that it is her children and grandchildren.



Elison Independent Living of Orchard Glen | Orchard Park, NY


Kathy’s warm, bubbly personality and passion for crafting, music, and celebration inspires everyone she meets, making her a joyous and vibrant friend and companion. When asked by her community why she should be considered as the Sagora Silver Bachelorette, they shared that Kathy is an inspiration to all residents, staff, and prospective residents that she meets. She has an incredible zest for life that can be seen through her participation within the community as well as her advocacy for Sagora Senior Living to friends, prospective residents, family members, and the community at large. She has a love of crafting, decorating, and celebrating life. When asked how she would describe her ideal first date, Kathy shared that she would like to be picked up and taken on a ride around the area to appreciate the sights of Western New York. Then finally arrive at a nice dinner with a glass of wine and fresh seafood.  After dinner she would like to go to a show or concert as the perfect ending to the evening.


These beautiful and compassionate women are our nominations for the Sagora Silver Bachelorette. The voting is now open, please cast your vote HERE for your favorite bachelorette! Who knows what happens when she wins? We might just have a little meetup with the Sagora Silver Bachelor and Bachelorette!


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