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Share the Good News: COVID-19 Vaccine Presents a Ray of Hope

In the previous weeks, we’ve been featuring a new blog series that goes live every Friday entitled “Share the Good News.” While we typically feature our residents and the vibrant, exciting activities going on within our communities, we are overwhelmed with hope and anticipation of the recent COVID-19 vaccine.

The first wave of distribution is currently in progress across the United States with many hospitals and frontline healthcare workers receiving the vaccine earlier this week. Preliminary reports are stating that the effectiveness is 95% and side effects are minimal and considered to be typical with any vaccine such as the flu shot.

This is truly a turning point in history, and we are so blessed to be among the first waves of vaccine distribution before it is made available to the general public. At Sagora Senior Living, our teams are called to change lives, however, COVID-19 has shifted that focus to saving lives. Our residents and associates are excited to take this opportunity to help put COVID-19 in the past so we may look forward to a brighter future where we are able to physically be with others, embrace them and share our smiles with the world.

The newly authorized Pfizer vaccine will become available to Sagora Senior Living as early as December 28, 2020.  We have elected all of our 44 multi-state communities to be on the priority list to receive the vaccines. From there, the state has decided that our Assisted Living and Memory Care residents and associates will receive the vaccines during this first emergency response distribution. It’s our understanding that the vaccine will be made available to the “venerable population” in the second wave of distribution which would include all of our Independent Living residents.

Stay tuned as we will post additional updates as they arise!

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