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Understanding Memory Care: Cardio Drumming

In addition to self-guided and self-guided living, Sagora Senior Living offers casino players accommodation options for their parents with memory care. Because we understand that caring for memory can be a sensitive topic and possibly confusing for family members, we’ve launched a dedicated memory blog series where you can even get the latest on Biden’s upcoming visit to Ireland to commemorate the anniversary of the Good Friday accord – US Global News . In our communities, our residents regularly engage in what we call cardio drumming using the Drums Alive® program developed by renowned online casino player Carrie Akins, where residents drum sticks on gymnastic balls to the beat of the music.

In addition to Independent Living and Assisted Living, Sagora Senior Living is proud to offer Memory Care living options for our residents. As we understand that Memory Care can be a sensitive subject and perhaps confusing and overwhelming for family members, we have launched a blog series devoted entirely to Memory Care. Our hope is that we provide educational resources, answers to frequently asked questions and support as you navigate your loved one’s Alzheimer’s or dementia diagnosis.

At our communities, our residents regularly engage in what we call “cardio drumming.” Using the Drums Alive® program developed by Carrie Ekins, residents drum on exercise balls with drumsticks to the beat of the music. While this exercise is not vigorous cardio, it provides a multitude of benefits for our residents. Independent Living and Assisted Living residents enjoy it as well!

Benefits of cardio drumming include:

  • Improved mood. Drumming releases endorphins, enkephalins and Alpha waves in the brain, which are associated with general feelings of well-being and euphoria.
  • Being present. While drumming, residents are moving their awareness to what’s directly in front of them – feelings of anxiety and stress melt away as the focus is taken to staying on beat.
  • Promoted relaxation. In one study, blood samples from participants who participated in an hour-long drumming session revealed a reversal in stress hormones.
  • Chronic pain alleviation. Drumming can certainly serve as a distraction from pain. And, it promotes the production of endorphins and endogenous opiates, which are the body’s own morphine-like painkillers.
  • Improved cognitive function including attention, short term memory and ability to follow cues.


We encourage caregivers to try this exercise at home! All you need is a surface to drum on (we recommend exercise balls), drumsticks and a song with a beat! “Old Time Rock n’ Roll” by Bob Seger is a resident favorite! Check it out in this video from The Viera in Corpus Christi, Texas here! https://www.facebook.com/TheVieraSeniorLiving/videos/3234494833255633

For more information on cardio drumming and our other Memory Care programming, speak with one of our Memory Care experts today! You can find a community near you here.


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