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Understanding Memory Care: Common Myths Surrounding Alzheimer’s

In addition to Independent Living and Assisted Living, Sagora Senior Living is proud to offer Memory Care living options for our residents. As we understand that Memory Care can be a sensitive subject and perhaps confusing and overwhelming for family members, we have launched a blog series devoted entirely to Memory Care. Our hope is that we provide educational resources, answers to frequently asked questions and support as you navigate your loved one’s Alzheimer’s or dementia diagnosis.

Today, we’ll be focusing on common myths surrounding Alzheimer’s. When doing research, you may find a great deal of misinformation and conflicting opinions. It’s important to separate fact from fiction when making the best possible decisions for your loved one. Below we’ve compiled some of the top myths surrounding Alzheimer’s and facts from the national Alzheimer’s Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to Alzheimer’s research.

Myth #1: Memory loss is a natural part of aging.

Fact: As people age, it’s normal to have occasional memory problems, such as forgetting the name of a person you’ve recently met. However, Alzheimer’s is more than occasional memory loss. It’s a disease that causes brain cells to malfunction and ultimately die. When this happens, an individual may forget the name of a longtime friend or what roads to take to return to a home they’ve lived in for decades.

It can be difficult to tell normal memory problems from memory problems that should be a cause for concern. If you or someone you know has memory problems or other problems with thinking and learning that concern you, contact a physician. Sometimes the problems are caused by medication side effects, vitamin deficiencies or other conditions and can be reversed with treatment. The memory and thinking problems may also be caused by another type of dementia.

Myth #2: Alzheimer’s disease is not fatal.

Fact: Alzheimer’s disease has no survivors. It destroys brain cells and causes memory changes, erratic behaviors and loss of body functions. It slowly and painfully takes away a person’s identity, ability to connect with others, think, eat, talk, walk and find his or her way home.

Myth #3: Only older people can get Alzheimer’s.

Fact: Alzheimer’s can strike people in their 30s, 40s and 50s. This is called younger-onset Alzheimer’s. Of the 5.3 million Americans with Alzheimer’s, an estimated 5.1 million people are age 65 and older, and approximately 200,000 individuals are under age 65.

Myth #4: Treatments are available to stop the progression.

Fact: At this time, there is no treatment to cure, delay, or stop the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. FDA-approved drugs temporarily slow the worsening of symptoms for about six to 12 months on average for about half of the individuals who take them.

If your loved one is experiencing any of the above symptoms, we’re here to help. Our Memory Care experts are here for you and for every need along the way. Our residents can even experience a true continuum of care as they have the ability to transition from Independent Living to Assisted Living to Memory Care as needed. For more information on our communities, contact information and how to schedule a virtual tour, click here.

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