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Understanding Memory Care: Reminisce Programming


In addition to Independent Living and Assisted Living, Sagora Senior Living is proud to offer Memory Care living options for our residents. As we understand that Memory Care can be a sensitive subject and perhaps confusing and overwhelming for family members, we have launched a blog series devoted entirely to Memory Care. Our hope is that we provide educational resources, answers to frequently asked questions and support as you navigate your loved one’s Alzheimer’s or dementia diagnosis.

This week, we’ll be focusing on what reminisce programming is and how it can benefit those with Alzheimer’s. At our Memory Care communities, we incorporate reminisce programming through our Memory Boxes, Cherished Memory Collections and activities that help our residents and associates connect with meaningful experiences and build rapport. We also emphasize the need for familiar smells throughout our community to create a soothing and homelike environment. For example, the aroma of homemade bread that our baking club prepared that day or the smell of peppermint in the morning during our Dining with GRACE program stimulates and soothes our residents.

Below, we’ve provided additional information on our Cherished Memory Collections and Memory Boxes. If you have any questions about reminisce programs or Alzheimer’s in general, we encourage you to contact one of our Memory Care experts today. For more information on our communities, contact information and how to schedule a virtual tour, click here.

Cherished Memory Collections

These are baskets or boxes with items that are intended to elicit stories and memories from the residents. Each box is filled with photos, familiar smells, recipes and any other tangible items that residents can share stories about and reminisce with. This program can be used for residents who enjoy rummaging. Memory collection boxes stir memories and thoughts in a tactile way. Associates help by asking open-ended questions about box contents. Residents may also choose to show and share treasured mementos in group settings.

Memory Box

Outside of each Memory Care resident’s apartment is a shadow box or memory box. We work with the resident’s family members to complete these to reflect our resident’s interests and hobbies. These are decorated with a variety of items. The main purpose of the box is:

  • To help residents recognize their rooms
  • Create conversation starters for associates to be able to build rapport with the residents as they greet them throughout the day and especially when entering their apartment.

Do you have questions? We have answers.

At Sagora Senior Living our goal is to be accessible to our residents and their families, our future associates, and our customers. To that end, we look forward to hearing from you.
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