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Sagora Senior Games

Many of us joined competitive sports teams when we were young while some even played professionally. It’s that love and that passion that stays with us throughout life.  Now, whether it’s the solitude of the driving range, or the fun of being gathered for a social game of croquet, here at Sagora Senior Living, our greatest desire is to create a lifestyle that focuses on fitness, health and your wellbeing.

The Sagora Senior Games is our way of bringing a team spirit to your community.  It’s the joy in smiles and laughter as you achieved the ½ mile walk or finished the race. It’s the pride in encouraging your team to work together.  It not only is good for the body, it’s good for the soul as we reminisce about those dusty days on the baseball field, or the way we stood nervously hoping for the best in track and field. We hope the Sagora Senior Living games brought back sweet memories and kept alive the real reason you participated, for the love of the sport!

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