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The Gift of Music

How is it that there are times where we can’t find our keys, or we search endlessly in parking lots for our cars … But when that favorite song plays, we remember our first kiss? Or you smile fondly, thinking back on your first car. We hear our favorite song and our minds wander to those lyrics that we copied down and gave to our first love.  Does sentiment and emotional passion fade with dementia?

When we think about the progression of dementia, do not discount the power of music.  A once vibrant individual who may have become stoic may suddenly light up and sing lyrics, almost word for word, when the Andrew Sisters belt out their harmonic tunes.  I know when Elvis woos us toes start tapping, eyes grow brighter, and a smile of delight is born thinking about that first dance, or that first walk on the beach holding hands, or even the day we said “I do”.

It’s when we realize how much we enjoy reminiscing with music that we understand its influence.  We’re brought back to the first letter from a loved one who had gone off to war, the birth of our first child, Christmas, birthdays, Fourth of July, and important milestones. What moments do you remember when you hear your favorite songs?

Individuals who suffer from dementia reap infinite benefits from music.  Enjoy and be ready to reminisce with favorite albums, photos, songs and games.  Listen to musical favorites and take a wonderful journey back in time by remembering when.

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