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What Is Dining With GRACE?

What Is Dining With GRACE?

Food is a very familiar experience and one that nourishes us daily. The Sagora Pathways Memory Care Program uses a special dining experience called Dining with GRACE. This unique dining experience allows our Memory Care residents to be treated with grace and dignity in a relaxing environment, with superior service.

The program is called Dining with GRACE because it encompasses the five tiers the program is governed by; G – great food, R – respect, A – atmosphere, C – chef prepared, E – every meal: every day.

The Pathways Freshen Program is another service that is offered to residents before Dining with Grace. This program utilizes aromatherapy through damp, warm towels. Towels are offered to residents on a silver platter which reinforces the feeling of fine dining. Freshening up allows residents to relax and refresh before dining. There are four things the Freshen program accomplishes; aromatherapy benefits through essential oils, create a sensory program through fine dining, helps establish a routine, ensure clean hands before meals.

After residents have had a chance to take advantage of the Freshen program they are ushered into Dining with GRACE.

One of the ways Dining with GRACE is special, is the way we present our dining options to our residents with dementia. Dementia affects many parts of the brain, two of those areas being, comprehension and vision. With that being said, we encourage residents to choose their meal by visually showing them two options at their table. This gives them a better opportunity to choose the meal they want without added confusion.

While residents are enjoying their meals, care associates are encouraged to engage in conversation with residents. The atmosphere for the meal service is set by pleasant music, that gives the dining area a great feeling. Making this time special is one of our associates’ top priority. This is just one of the many ways we give our Memory Care residents a dignified and positive living experience.

For more information on this subject, and how Sagora can ensure or encourage your loved one to live their best quality of life visit our Memory Care community.

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