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Why Independent Living?


In the world of Senior Living, there are many different choices. While some may think the field is a monolith, with only one or two care levels, that’s just simply not true. Senior Living is a broad field, encompassing many different lifestyles, different services and different housing options. This means that it has a broad appeal, one that covers all possible lifestyles for those seeking a community-oriented living option.

One of these living options is independent living. Of Sagora Senior Living’s 61 communities in 12 different states, 28 communities offer independent living. Learn more about Independent Living below.


What is Independent Living?

To put it simply, Independent Living offers seniors the chance to live on their own, with minimal assistance, while still enjoying a community setting with shared amenities. These private residences resemble apartments that one would find in an apartment complex, usually coming in multiple different layouts, with the option to have more than one bedroom. Additionally, these apartments may also contain washer and dryer connections, kitchens, balconies and more.

At some Sagora Senior Living communities, cottage-style living is offered as another form of Independent Living. Cottage-style living is offered at 15 communities, sometimes taking the place of apartment-style independent living while at some communities the two supplement one another.

It is worth noting that these apartments and cottages are usually rented from the community. Therefore, the community provides maintenance services and some forms of upkeeping, making life much easier.


What are the benefits of Independent Living?

Seniors everywhere continue to prove that age is just a number, living active, social lifestyles following their retirement. With increased lifespans and more advanced medical technology, the ability to stay independent is elongated. This lets seniors maximize their retirement, leaving them looking for new ways to stay connected to the world around them.

One of the biggest benefits that come with life in a senior living community is that each resident must meet an age requirement, generally 55 and older. Thus, many people who live in such a community find themselves at similar points in life, sharing some of the same life experiences. Because of this, many residents find it easier to make friends and forge new connections, as they have all sorts of opportunities for socialization just a short walk away.

Sagora communities place an emphasis on a social environment, featuring dozens of daily events and activities designed to bring people together. Some of these activities include happy hours, arts and crafts classes, outings to local attractions and more!

Additionally, many seniors chose a Sagora community because they are able to access community amenities like pools, fitness centers, on-site salons and barbershops and more! Some of our communities even come with complimentary golf memberships at nearby clubs, or lakefront views.

Lastly, many residents realize that independence comes when one has all of their needs met. At Sagora communities, we supplement independence by taking care of the duties of everyday life. At each of our communities, we offer Independent Living residents three daily, chef-prepared meals and regularly scheduled housekeeping services.

What would you do with all of that free time?


Aging in Place

While Independent Living communities sometimes do not offer the same levels of care that Assisted Living and Memory Care communities do, some are located on the same campuses as those programs. This makes it easier top transition from one level of care to the next. Residents who are already familiar with a community and a certain area can experience a continuum of care as they “age in place,” leading to more comfort and peace of mind.


In conclusion, Independent Living can be a great solution for seniors looking to surround themselves with friendly, active people who share the same life experiences. Furthermore, it can be a great way to stay active while receiving the benefits of community living.

If you or a loved one is looking for an exciting, fulfilling independent living experience, contact your local Sagora Senior Living community!

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