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Women’s History Month: Female Leadership at Sagora


Sagora Senior Living is celebrating Women’s History Month this March, honoring the accomplishments and contributions that women have made in our society. Sagora understands the importance of a diverse, equitable society where people are free to be themselves, regardless of race or gender.

We value diversity, and we have a leadership team that reflects the makeup of our communities and our industry – one that includes a significant amount of female representation. In a nation where females hold just one-third of executive and leadership roles, we’ve bucked the trend, with females holding a majority of these positions.

This month, we sat down with some of the women who are furthering our Resident First mission each day. Read their stories below!


Brenda Abbott-Shultz, R.N. – Vice President of Resident Services

As the Vice President of Resident Services, Brenda oversees resident care across Sagora’s 61 communities, with a special emphasis on communities that boast Assisted Living and Memory Care programs.

“To me, it’s an awesome responsibility,” Brenda said. “When I started this industry, I was 16 years old, and one of the things that kept me in this industry was being in a position where I could positively affect the lives of seniors every day.”

In the years since she started as a teenager, Brenda has climbed the corporate ladder, coming to Sagora three years ago. Her desire to make an impact on the lives of seniors has led her to a position where she oversees the care of more than 5,000 residents. To her, good care means more than just looking after basic needs – it means providing an environment where seniors are able to be themselves and live life to the fullest each day.

“I want to foster a social environment where residents can thrive,” she said.

Brenda says senior living has always been an industry that women have felt more comfortable in, but the positions that they occupy are rapidly evolving.

“What has changed since I started is that I see more CEO females, more COO females,” she said. “Certainly, here we have two Vice Presidents of Operations that are females. I love that.”


Kinsey Spraggins – Director of Revenue

Kinsey Spraggins has held a variety of different roles at Sagora. In the last month, she has seen her title change again, having been promoted to Director of Revenue.

But perhaps her favorite role has been a more informal one – leading Sagora’s Holiday Wish Program. This program sought to bring holiday cheer to associates who were in need. Kinsey and the other associates within the program would help associates meet those needs, taking them on shopping sprees for Christmas gifts or arranging for travel to see family over the holidays.

Kinsey loves seeing the smiles that result.

“They are some of my favorite memories from my time at Sagora,” she said.

Kinsey is proud to be a female in a director role, and she is proud to be at a company that values gender diversity within its workforce. A more diverse workforce means that there are new ideas and new ways of doing things – all coming together to benefit Sagora’s residents.

“I think being a woman, you are able to relate to a lot of the team members a little bit more,” Kinsey said. “There’s a special bond between women. We have each other’s backs, and we want to see other women succeed, be successful and grow their careers. We can support each other in that. That’s been one of my favorite things working in this industry.”


Tamorra Sims – Corporate Director of Lifestyles & Pathways

As the Corporate Director of Lifestyles & Pathways, Tamorra Sims regularly visits many Sagora communities. And when she stops by a community, she’s hard to miss.

“It’s my silver nametag,” she said, laughing. “Everyone knows that when you wear one of those, you’re from the home office.”

Tamorra relishes these visits and getting to meet the associates that work within the individual communities. As a woman of color, she wants to be an example for her fellow associates, showing them what’s possible at a company like Sagora.

She was once in their shoes, and she wants to continue to blaze a trail forward so that other women of color can navigate that path. That’s why she tries to take a mentorship role, encouraging those around her to be their very best.

“Empower is my favorite core value at Sagora,” Tamorra said. “I try to empower them and show them that with vision, they can get there and be in my shoes.”

It extends beyond associates, too. Tamorra also strives to be an example for the younger members of her family – people like her niece. As the first woman in her family to work in a corporate environment, she wants her niece to grow up knowing that she can do it too.

“As I have advanced through my career I have looked back at every step,” she said. “I consider myself a resource and I’m not one of those people that’s going to drag them with me, but if they were willing to come, I’m taking them with me in everything I do.


We value the contributions of our awesome female team members. Without them, there would be no Sagora Senior Living. We are so happy to be a workplace that values diversity and is always looking for new ways to bring new ideas and new ways of doing things to table.

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