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You Make a Difference: Sagora Senior Living Celebrates National Nurses Week  



This Friday, May 6, marks the beginning of National Nurses Week – a one-week celebration of the nursing profession. From May 6 to May 12, we’ll be celebrating nurses everywhere for the roles that they play in the medical field and the crucial work that they do to benefit the common good.

This year, the theme for the week is “you make a difference.” Across the world, we’re acknowledging how nurses drive positive change. To see that in action, all we must do is look back at the events of the past two years.

When the world was faced with a new virus, an uncertain threat, nurses everywhere answered the call and helped the world fight the COVID-19 pandemic. They worked long hours, sometimes far from home, with few days off. They were in close proximity to sick patients, working to save lives and provide quality care under the most imposing circumstances. When they were called to do so, they helped administer a life-saving vaccine that reduced the pandemic’s grasp on society.

As their TikToks went viral, we smiled and laughed. As faces graced some of the world’s biggest newspapers, we felt comfort knowing that they were there to help. Along the way, their role became the most visible it has ever been as the world saw the sacrifices that they made to save lives and protect the public.

This is nothing new. Before nurses were on the covers of newspapers, before they were the face of hope in the midst of a global pandemic, they were there, sight unseen, working to provide care and comfort in even the most difficult circumstances.

From world wars to epidemics to natural disasters, they’ve always been on the frontlines. They have always worked to make a difference.

At Sagora Senior Living, we see how hard our associates work, and we see the good that comes from it.  Though they face a different set of circumstances, they still play a crucial role. Many of our communities feature multiple associates that provide 24-hour care, making sure that each resident is in good hands no matter the time of day.

Even when they are not working in a medical capacity, they drive positive change in highly visible, leadership roles. Many of our associates are active in their communities, interacting with residents daily. Their words and actions are the sources of countless smiles and laughs. Their mere presence is a blessing to the community.

Each day, they make a difference. Without them, Sagora Senior Living could not function.

This week, we’ll celebrate them and the role that they play within our communities. Truthfully, we don’t need a special week to do that. We know how important they are, and we are grateful for their presence all year long.

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