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Culinary Care

There are things to consider during meal time with your loved one affected by Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Here at Sagora Senior Living, every aspect of meal time is carefully thought out for their comfort and enjoyment. Below are a few tips you can use during meal time at home. Also, see how Sagora Senior Living’s Memory Care programs make meal time a joy for our residents.

What to Consider

There are four things to consider during meal time with a loved one who exhibits signs of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Sagora Pathways Freshen Program

Our Sagora Pathways Freshen Program includes scent and comforting triggers for appetite and is a luxurious cue to prepare for meal time. The routine of the Freshen Programs before every meal is not only a wonderful sensory experience, but it also helps with calming anxiety because the residents know that it’s meal time.

Dining with GRACE: Great food, Respect, Atmosphere, Chef-prepared, Every meal every day

We incorporate our Dining with GRACE program during meal time at our Memory Care communities. From atmosphere to service, all of the focuses are thoughtfully designed for comfort. Below is a snapshot of some of the practices we incorporate during meal time with your loved ones. This can be implemented at home as well.

We’re here to help

Our purposeful programming and community design are safe and stimulating. We learn about your loved one’s career, daily routine and special interests. Elements of individual life experiences are interwoven into their daily schedule. Stop by one of our Memory Care communities or call today to find answers and solutions with our Memory Care specialists.

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